Tips on Manly Jewelry

If you are a man than buying jewelry for yourself may not be the easiest thing to accomplish. Or maybe you are a woman looking for a piece of bling for your man. Regardless, there are some important things to consider before you purchase manly jewelry. While women love big and chunky jewelry with stones and shine and everything in between men should never wear this type of jewelry. Why? Reason is, jewelry acts as a centerpiece for a woman and also serves to accent her outfit. On the other hand, jewelry should only act to complement a man’s outfit. According to an article, men should wear jewelry that appears natural like it belongs. Something passed down from generations such as a watch or cuff links is usually a nice touch for a man to wear. A man’s jewelry should be stylish but not noticeable and should blend in (complement) their outfit. For example, when a man wears a necklace, it should act to complement a well-dressed outfit rather than to be showy. Some simple rules for mento follow who would like to wear jewelry include: starting off with something simple such as a silver watch, knowing any meaning (if any) behind the jewelry, be knowledgeable on how and where it should be placed, making sure metals match, and of course, abiding by any dress code rule about wearing jewelry at work or school.

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